1 The wanderer’s heart was heavy and he could not consume food. He had accidentally killed his bretheren and could never forgive himself. He had become lost. He was restless, he was tired, and he prayed that Bhaazmundi would take away his life from this world.

2 Fortaleza, the angel of strength, appeared to him in his time of weakness and the wanderer asked him: “My brother has given me bread and water to feed me, but I have turned him away from me. What must I do to become strong and immortal? Will I be forgiven for my filth?”

3 The angel kissed him on his forehead and said: “Oh, immaculate human. Must you always SO deny to yourself bread so that others may eat? Oh, how I’ve come to set you free from the demon Miedo forever! Rejoice for the renewal of skin and do not mourn the loss of dead skin. I will heal your wounds and mend them shut and you will bleed no more! I will surround you with those who love you. I will feed you breads and water. I will teach you to appreciate the dreams that have faded from your thoughts. After this you will rise up as the strongest warrior in all the world and everyone will come to you for guidance in time of battle! The forgiveness of me is not greater than the forgiveness of yourself.”

4 Then the wanderer slowly stood up on his own weak legs. But soon they would become much stronger and they would finally be able to support his own weight. And he would become the strength of others, just as the angel had prophesized.

-The Angel of Strength
Liber Bhaazmundi VII

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