Xa’yn, the main protagonist of the saga, is a young man born on the islands of Maluhia (one of the few secular countries left untouched by the influence of the Church of Aeternus Deus). With no knowledge of the identity of his biological parents, he was raised by his childhood friends and caretakers Shuuna and Kaizer. Xa’yn has a rare disease called Lentum-mortis, in which his body biologically ages at an absurdly rapid rate, and his basic senses continuously deteriorate until they are no longer functional. Despite his swiftly-approaching fate, Shuuna and Kaizer care for him and love him dearly. As rumors begin to spread, the Church of Aeternus Deus takes a particular interest in him due to his likeness and similar qualities to The Most Holy, their central figure of worship. Together with the help of A.X.I.S. government branch, the church orchestrates a coup d’etat on Maluhia. Xa’yn is setup and is deported for the illegal possession of a Xamnai, a weapon of ancient religious importance. Leaving his home and his family behind, he is transferred to a concentration camp where he meets a small group of other convicts who were prosecuted for owning Xamnai of their own. They join forces under a common goal and escape the camp together. With a huge bounty on their heads, Xa’yn’s group begins a long journey that will unravel a conspiracy of dark origins.