Shuuna is one of Xa’yn’s close friends and caretakers from the island of Maluhia. She was heavily involved in the great battle of Loa Paio alongside Kaizer, making the two of them somewhat of war heroes. Prior to Xa’yn’s deportation, Shuuna shared a very complex friendship with Xa’yn. His rapid aging and decay (due to his rare disease) hindered Shuuna from allowing herself to get truly close to him out of the fear of his inevitable and quickly-approaching fate. Out of their entire trio, Shuuna is the most detached and intangible. After the Church of Aeternus Deus' coup d’etat and Xa’yn’s deportation, Shuuna retreated to herself and blocked out everyone. With the help of Kaizer, Shuuna began to find the strength to chase after Xa’yn. She and Kaizer made vows to find Xa’yn. They used their military connections to get each of them access to illegal -albeit powerful- Xamnai, the ancient weapons of religious importance to the church. She intentionally threw herself into a dark conspiracy that she was not originally involved in for Xa’yn’s sake. She now had a bounty on her head, she was an enemy of the church and a theocratic government, and she could never return home. She knew the significance of this choice, and she knew her journey to Xa’yn may even get her killed, but she realized that she needed to tell Xa’yn something very important before his time expired.